Electrial Power Syetem Studies

We offer online and in class PE classes for electric Power Systems

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We offer a wider range of control panel assembly solution. We deliver effective

support for a wide range of custom control projects. From complex PLC panels to a

simple quality, cost effective, on time delivery control panels.

We also, provide wide range of instrumentation such as: Flow, Level,

Pressure, analyzer equipment and more.

PE classes


Instrumentation & Control

TITLE 24 Calculation

Instrumentation & Control

Electrical Power System

Arc Flash - IEEE 1584 / NFPA70E

Short Circuit ANSI / IEC

Load Flow

Motor Acceleration

Load Analyzer

Harmonic Analysis, Frequency Scan, Harmonic Filters & Sizing

Protective Device Coordination & Sequence of Operation

Transient Stability

Motor Parameter Estimation Tuning

Load calculation for homes, retail store etc…

Title-24 calculation for. 

Complete electrical engineering design for residential, retails and small

commercial project.  Complete elec. Drawings will include: site plan,

single line diagram ( one line diagram), lighting plan, power plan (

showing receptacles) and indoor t-24 and outdoor t-24 and complete

plan check corrections if any